Welcome to our New Website!

We have been working on this new website for months now and it is finally ready for launch.  Our old website was alright, it worked, but it wasn't mobile friendly.  We think our loyal customers deserve something a bit better so here it is, surfstreetshop.com

But we're going further than that because we've also introduced Free UK Delivery for all orders.

And that's not all.  We've added loads of new functionality, like the ability for you to create an account. That in turn allows you to track your orders, and if you spend £50, then you'll get another 10% off all your orders for a whole year!

But why stop there? As a thank you to all existing customers who placed an order on our old website, we've transferred your details, set up an account and given you the 10% off all orders for a the rest of 2017!

What Next?

So what's the plan going forward?  Well, first we want feedback on the website.

As well as new bargains all the time, we're going to keep things rolling and every month we'll have a special offer for our customers, might be freebies, might be discounts, might be competitions.  We'll keep you all posted via our Facebook page so stay tuned.

So there you have it, a new website to start the summer. Tell us what you think.